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If The Child Is Afraid Of Animals

For many children, the experience of raising a pet is very special, but there are also children who miss it out of fear. In this article, let’s take a look at what to do when your child is afraid of animals so that they can enjoy the diversity of nature.

Not all children react the same when they see a dog or other pet. Some children want to pet animals and are very attracted to them. On the other hand, there are also children who want to distance themselves and are afraid of animals. What is the specific reason for this to happen?

Sometimes, you may have had bad experiences in the past, or you may have been taught that an unknown animal can be dangerous. There are also children who are frightened by the strange appearance of animals. What if my child is afraid of animals?

Try to understand your fear

Talk about your child’s fears to develop strategies to encourage them. Fear is insensitive. Therefore , it does not help to force a child who is afraid of animals not to be afraid .

It’s best to identify the cause of your fear and find a strategy that will help you face it. For example, if your child is afraid of dogs because of their size, don’t offer to approach a large dog. When you’re with a friendly little dog, approach it first, then encourage your child to follow it under parental care .

Teach them to approach animals

Children can tinker with animals or scare them with excessive emotions . This can generally cause a violent reaction in the animal, making the child more frightened.

The best way is to guide your child at every step and carefully choose the words they use. It is best to avoid wary words such as’Be careful not to be bitten by a dog’ or’Do not go too close because it can be dangerous.’ Use positive reinforcement , such as’approach with affection to animals’ or’be kind to animals’ .

Touch the animal’s face to divert the animal’s attention. Then guide your child to touch the animal on the side rather than on the tail, so as not to scare the animal. Animal faces can scare children.

If your child is afraid of animals, avoid puppies

Puppies are more easily excited and less predictable than adult dogs.

Young animals are harder to predict than mature animals. For young animals, play can be biting, scratching, or jumping over people. To animals, gestures of trust, joy, and love can appear hostile to children.