Tue. May 30th, 2023

In line with the strategic mission of greater sustainability, Evac introduces a life-time warranty for its Cathelco® range of impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) and marine growth prevention (MGPS) systems.

This new initiative is timed to coincide with SMM 2022 exhibition in Hamburg where Evac will be exhibiting their latest Evac® solutions in integrated water and waste management together with the Cathelco® products which have proven their effectiveness on commercial, cruise, naval and luxury yachts throughout the world since 1965.

“The introduction of the life-time warranty has been driven by the demand from customers for reliable products which deliver optimal performance for longer periods of time. It demonstrates our commitment to supporting them throughout the lifecycle of their vessels and carries forward the aim of greater sustainability which is the underlying principle for all our activities”, said Chris Bell, Vice President, Corrosion Protection and Superyachts.

The post Covid 19 period has led to extended lead times and significantly increased material costs for shipbuilders and owners. This is combined with the continued uncertainty and difficulty with higher costs in mobilising service engineers. As a result, there is a clear necessity for repairing and reconditioning existing products to save costs.

From the company’s perspective, the last two years have provided the opportunity to re-evaluate its manufacturing operations in Chesterfield, the UK, by streamlining processes and focusing on product improvements.

“It is against this background that we have the confidence to introduce the life-time warranty for ICCP and MGPS products which will give customers the reassurance of on-going support and peace of mind for the future”, said Bell.

In cases where replacement parts, such as MGPS anodes, are supplied for systems made by other manufacturers the warranty will be extended to cover these items. This will give the added benefit of compliance with Article 95 of the EU Biocidal regulations.

“It’s important that customers install genuine Cathelco® parts to ensure reliability and avoid jeopardising hull and pipework integrity. Otherwise, there is the risk of invalidating our warranties and the possibility of operating an illegal system under Article 95”, Bell concluded.

Visitors to the Evac stand #233, Hall A1 of the SMM exhibition in Hamburg will have the opportunity to discuss the life-time warranty with the team.

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